NEW War is the term given to the continuation of the Second World War in 1945.
The allied soldiers also referred to it as the. The N.E.W. WAR began after what is considered the first part of the world war ended, for all practical purposes in early 1945.

The NEW War began out of the ashes of the third Reich.
The two wars are considered as two different wars because of the type of fighting and weapons involved and because of the changes in allies and politics during this time.

Towards the end of WWII many of the German secrets and secret weapons came to life.

Allied armies began to face new weapons and units, sometimes with devastating and frightening consequences.

So began the NEW WAR, or Never Ending War. The Germans had gained the upper hand with their technologies. This enabled them to bring the war to a stalemate. They lacked the Forces to win but had enough fanatics with advanced weapons to stop the allies until they could develop and bring their own secret weapons to the front.

The first of the New German Secret units to appear used the darkness of night.
They were Night Hunters. They were an elite unit of SS dressed and armed for the darkness of night.
Each of these fanatics was trained and disciplined to win or die. They hide during the day and come out in the dark of night with their weapons of night fighting.

They expanded their arsenal of infrared weapons from the StG 44 with Vampir night scope to scopes added to the Lmg 42, G43 and MP40. Their uniforms were embedded with anti infrared detection particles and their paper tube infrared detectors were redesigned into their goggles.

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