These are images of games put on with VFM figures at

Cold Wars 2005.

In order:

Game 1 Mike Lorenzo

Game 2 Jim Keats

Game 3 Andy Turlington

Game 4 Mike Lorenzo


  Game 1.

As far as my game goes, I would like to credit the scenario playtesters who are also members of my local group MiniatureGamersNJ- Markus, JT,
Norbert, Mark, Troy, Gavin, Rich, George, Wes, Rob, Ed, and Iain.

I ran my scenario as a playtest 3 times, twice to test changed rule mechanics
and a third time with the actual layout and forces.

I'd also like to thank Gavin, JT, Norbert, Tom, and Markus who either showed up at a group painting day to help paint some of my figures or were there to
keep me company while I was feverishly painting them.

The terrain was almost completely a solo project but for my wife Debbie, who was most helpful painting the green shutters and door moldings on the village buildings while I worked on painting the removable roof tops.

Mike L.

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