I'd like to thank the players for trying a new rule system
(Disposable Heroes) and putting up with a new GM.
I'd like to send a special thanks to Pete English for painting up my US recce vehicles (3 Jeeps, 2 M-8 Greyhounds, and 1 M-20 armored car). He did his usual great job.
I'd also like to think Jeff Nall of Battleworks Studios for the resin terrain pieces (note: I painted them, so they're not up to the usual quality).
The buildings are "out of the box" from Miniature Building Authority.
I made the 2 small stone walls, hills, boccage, & haystacks.
The "roads" are just ballast poured out from a jar. I also painted all of the miniatures, so I just need to thank my wife and family for putting up with me. :)

- Jim
Game 2
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