Jim Keats Cold Wars photos 2006

1 - German armor re-enforcements ready for action.

2 - US recce unit moves into a German ambush.

3 - The ambush is sprung and the US forces deploy to bring fire onto the enemy.


4 & #5 - With German precision, the Marders line up and engage the enemy...and then explode into flames.

6 - After witnessing the crew of the jeep get eliminated by German MG fire, the rifle squad promptly deploys form the half-track.


The guy who won the T-shirt (In Mike L's game)(Roy) was the guy running the Marders in my game.
I playfully started calling him "Scorch". :)
Just so you know, he ran the Marders one move onto the board (they came in as re-enforcements). Then he got into a gun duel with 2 M5A1 Stuarts and 2 M-8 Greyhound armored cars. On the up side: he definitely had the better gun.
On the down side: he was outnumbered 2 to 1, while he had tank treads, he had armored car armor the US players had MUCH better dice.
The rest of the Germans were giving Roy a playful ribbing...until the Puma got lit up in the same area. Then Roy pointed out that it wasn't HIM it was the AREA. :) He was a great sport about the whole thing.

- Jim

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