This scenario was titled Battle for the Crossroads and was played Saturday night at Cold Wars '06. The Americans were defending a ridge, beyond which was a vital crossroads (offtable). The Germans were tasked with driving the Americans away. There were 4 players per side. Two American players each controlled 2 rifle squads. The other 2 American players each controlled a rifle squad, a MG team, and a platoon HQ. The Germans had 2 Fallschirmjäger commands and 2 Panzer-Grenadier/SS commands. The Fallschirmjäger players had 3 squads each with one player getting a MG team and the other getting the HQ. The other 2 players each controlled 2 halftracks with 9 soldiers that could be dismounted from each vehicle as well as a King Tiger tank and 7 SS that could enter riding the tank or following in on foot.

In summary, the Americans had about 80 figures. The Germans had almost 120 soldiers plus 2 tanks and 4 halftracks.
The battle was interesting to watch. The FJ, although numerous, got shot up pretty bad by the rifle platoon run by two of the players on the American right flank. Meanwhile the German on the far right used the wide open field to rush his halftracks across. He covers a lot of ground and nearly lost his lead halftrack. A bazooka and a rifle grenade missed. Then a BAR gunner from the hill fired down into the crew compartment creating a tense moment but missed most of the squad when the dice failed to show.
His partner lost a halftrack to another bazooka, but was exchanging fire with the Americans in the center and preventing them from shifting troops. In the end the Germans had only lost 1 entire squad and 1 vehicle but the Americans were being outflanked by the aggressive advance of the halftracks. The lead King Tiger tank was starting to advance down the road and this instilled new life into the Fallschirmjägers, but the Americans were successful in starting to bring down mortars into the FJ positions. The Germans were also just figuring out how to get the King Tigers to see the Americans in the woods so it could fire on the dug in U.S. squads.
I ruled the game a minor German victory due to the outflanking manuever of 2 squads in halftracks. Another turn would have been interesting to see, but we wrapped up at midnight.

Roy, seen holding up the Victory Force T-shirt was the German player nominated by the American players to receive the T-shirt prize. In addition to his good playing in the German center, he had very animated over the head dice rolls. In addition to Roy's shirt, all players received a new figure from the side they played, courtesy of Victory Force. Thanks James!

Mike L.

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