At Recruits 03, I put on a game titled "Day at the Beach".

A small U.S. force finds itself on the wrong beach on D-Day and decided they had no choice but to fight.

The Germans had a General in their bunker and thought the U.S. forces were there to get him.



The U.S. forces hit the beach hard, but were soon knocked down by intense German fire.



After a hard fight the U.S. forces were looking like they would soon be off the beach.

They began to open up on the Germans who had been giving them problems.


The German forces now found themselves pinned by the U.S. fire.

They had to debate their next course of action.


The battle was going back and forth, neither side getting the advantage.


This went on until the Germans got some key hits on the Squad leaders and the U.S. forces collapsed.



Soon the U.S. forces were decimated.


But the players on the U.S. side were not sore loosers and offered their congratulations to the German side.

I was fortunate enough to have some courteous and smart students play my game. They ended up playing few more times on their own. I don't think the U.S. forces ever won.

A special thanks to Duane Fleck and everyone else who helped put this event on.

It was great day.

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